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"Deadly Hypnotic Powers"

I'm rereading a book I loved as a boy called "The Runaway Robot," ostensibly by Lester Del Ray (but actually ghostwritten by Paul W. Fairman, for some reason unknown to me). I got hold of a copy of it through the library, and it holds up reasonably well. The basic plot is, yes, about a robot that runs away. The robot belongs to a lad who lives on a colony on Ganymede. The boy's family gets transferred back to Earth, but the robot can't go with him. Apparently it would cost too much to ship. So the robot gets sold to a farm, and then it runs away to try and find the boy.

The book holds up reasonably well, considering it was a juvenile written in 1965. The robots in this universe appear to be somewhere between a pet and a slave, an awareness I didn't have when I was ten. However, in there was one section:

"They say you kidnapped me off the Solar Queen. That means they think you've gone mad."

A mad robot. It happened sometimes, and there were very strict laws as to how to proceed in such cases. I stared silently at Paul and finally he said it.

"That means you're to be destroyed on sight -- no questions asked."

I'd seen that happen once. A quick blast from a ray gun with all inquiries made afterward. Paul's protests could not help me because strange powers sometimes develop in the reactors and coils of a mad robot -- deadly hypnotic powers.

That made me laugh. Colonies on Jupiter's moons, sure. Robot companions for teenagers, fine. But a malfunctioning robot able to hypnotize someone? That's like my Dell at work mentally enslaving me when it locks up a program . Oh, how I laughed. But then I saw this little video of iBots in action, and now I'm not so sure. They are awfully hypnotic, aren't they?