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The Mongering of Fear and Fuel, Part II

People, it seems, are panicky idiots (requires an annoying subscription, which can be dodged through the use of a BugMeNot login):

Tammy Crowe of Dallas was waiting in line at a gas station in Lithia Springs when she saw another motorist pull a gun.

People had been waiting for a half-hour and were edgy when a man in a bronze car cut off a motorcyclist, Crowe said.

" 'Hey, wait a minute. I've been waiting here,' " the motorcyclist admonished the line-breaker, Crowe said. The two men began arguing.

Then the man in the car pulled a handgun out of his pocket, Crowe said. "It was big."

A gas station employee yelled, "You want to go to jail?" and pulled out a cellphone.

The man put the weapon away and said he wanted to get back in line.

"No," the employee said. "Leave." He did.

This happened roughly twenty miles from where I live. There's another story about somebody filling up 55-gallon drums. Not someone from a trucking company, but just a guy. Clearly some folk are expecting to dance the Apocalypso any day now.