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Sub Aqua

     'There,' said Malvesti sadly. 'Look at that.'
     Von Igelfeld stared down at the water. Malvesti had taken a torch from the wall and was shining it down on to the surface of the water, just below which he could make out the beginnings of a bookshelf and the spines of books.
     'I can hardly believe it,' he said. 'Were you unable to do anything to save the books?'
     Malvesti looked down at the water, as if willing it to retreat.
     'It happened without our realising it,' he said. 'Very few people ask for those books, and months, even years can go by with nobody going downstairs. Then, suddenly, an archimandrite working in the library asked for a work on Church Slavonic, and there we were...Now, if you see the mark s.a. on a book's catalogue card, you know it means that it is sub aqua. It is very sad.'
--Alexander McCall Smith, "Death in Venice"
Portuguese Irregular Verbs
Harrison County Library System, Gulfport: The Gulfport library is still standing but gutted. The Biloxi Public Library had 8–12 feet of water; the building is standing but the contents are lost. The Margaret Sherry branch in Biloxi is OK. The West Biloxi branch lost an AC unit, but the building is OK. Information about D’Iberville, Division Street, Orange Grove, and Pass Christian branches is still sketchy.
from Mississippi Library Commission's assessment
of known damage to libraries as of Tuesday
ALA's Hurricane Katrina News
You want to donate books? Greg's got info on how to send books to kids staying at the Astrodome Houston is apparently buried in books, so some alternative book destinations are provided. Jason's got info on an Amazon program called First Book. And from the ALA:
We have just learned that a Louisiana Library Disaster Relief Fund has been established, and monetary donations to assist school, public, and academic library restoration efforts in Southeastern Louisiana can be sent payable to:
LLA-Disaster Relief
421 South 4th Street
Eunice, LA 70535
Presumably similiar funds will be set up for Mississippi and Alabama in the near future, depending. You can also just send cash to a reputable charity.

(I find my mood seesawing wildly, after reading things like this. Frankly, I want to vomit with rage. Posting this, however, is slightly more practical. And not as messy.)