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Old Enough To Be My Mother

And now a shoutout to my Mom, who's celebrating her mumble-mumbleth birthday today. In my role as Dutiful Son, I'd give her a call to give her best wishes, but unfortunately she's not at home. She and Dad are currently tooling around in scenic New England, exploring. They take these sorts of trips every six months or so, it seems. Italy, Prague, Old England, Australia, New England. Quite the travelers, they are.

I could call Dad's cellphone to say hi, but that would only make them worry that something horrible had happened, and they should come home at once. So I won't.

In other news, this is fairly accurate for me, although with some different shows. Truly, life was easier when TV sucked.

Reading: While waiting for various recommended books to come to me, I've been making do with the collected works of David Sedaris. In this case, Me Talk Pretty One Day, and currently Naked. Well, not right now. I'm typing here.

Update: I return home to find a 21 day personal rejection from GVG. Also, Lisa is recording Night Stalker for me.