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My Brain Hurts

For those of you seeking a new way to cudgel your gray matter, why not try matching it against a few Sudoku? Think of it as a crossword puzzle for the mathematically inclined.

My weekend has been just fine. For breakfast we had poached eggs & toast, with Earl Grey tea. All we'd need to make it any more British would be marmalade and baked beans. I called my dad to wish him a happy birthday. It's a milestone for him, the three quarter century mark septuagenarianism (I told you my brain hurt!). Did the laundry, but ignored the lawn.

The week ends, the week begins.

Reading: Blade Dancer, by S. L. Viehl. Also, Himalaya, Michael Palin's latest travelogue. Himalaya is a Sanskrit word, meaning "The Abode of Snow". There's truth in advertising, I'd say.