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Love And Hate

Sorry I've been absent. Not much to say. I'm slowly writing a story about pirates and mermaids and a devil captaining a ghost ship. Not sure where it's going, really. Well, it will be about love. How, I'm not yet sure.

Just finished a "how to do research in the library" to a Comm class. I get compliments from students about my library instruction sessions (the ones who don't like 'em don't bother to complain; they just drift off to sleep). One of the students told me afterwards that my presentation was more like a performance, that I was lively and engaged and obviously not working from a script and that I've just got the right attitude. All nice things to hear.

But the reason why I'm so lively is because I'm really, really nervous. And when I get really nervous, I can't hold still. I pace back and forth, talk faster, and start cracking wise. I'm not working from a script because I could never remember it; too nervous. I could probably never do a panel at a Con because I'd want to leap out of my chair, and I bet the other panelists wouldn't let me take the mike along. I hate, hate, hate doing presentations, and yet I'm told I'm good at them. So they keep making me do them. It's a cruel world.

Reading: Magic for Beginners, by Kelly Link, and currently Red Moon and Black Mountain, by Joy Chant.