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And People Say I Have Too Much Time On My Hands

My sweetie sent me a link to this guy's reviews on Amazon.com. Apparently he has some...uh, interesting opinions.

On Scent Shield Hunt Mate Easy Off Face Camo:

This is perfect for stalking prey in the forest, but perhaps a few more colors would be great, for other enviroments. I think a taupe would be great for blending in with vinyl siding, a deep red for pressing up against brick walls, or a pale blue and white combo, for remaining undecected while peering in through a window as the pale flickerings of a family (used to be your family but now just a family, any family, no more connection to you than to any of the other thousands of faces you pass by everyday and oh Jesus) watching television.
On the Sealy Posturepedic Encompass Fiber and Foam Extra-Firm Support Standard Pillow:
Don't get me wrong, this pillow works great for sleeping at night. In fact, I've gotten the best sleep of my life thanks to this pillow. At least, the best sleep as far as comfort for my neck goes.

But what if you start to realize the reason you can't sleep the whole night through isn't some "neck problem" but that indeed, the problem might be deeper and run more to WHOM you're sleeping next to?

Which is why I'd just say that I think this pillow who benefit with some small handholds on either side, in order to make it much easier to press it down firmly for a period of at least five minutes. Because I found my hands cramping after a minute or two.

On HON(R) 310 Series 4-Drawer Letter File, Black:
Perfect for hiding away from the "boss lady" until the "morning gin breath," goes away.

I'm hidden inside one right now, in fact.

SHHHH, here she comes.


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