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Thrilling! Exciting! Ouch!

101 day form reject from CRICKET on a poem. My first time testing the market.

Took the cats to the vet this morning, which is always a thrilling production. Just a checkup, and all is well. Our vet has started taking pictures of the animals as well, no doubt as an aid to recognizing them when treating them. Either that, or it's some obscure directive from the Department of Homeland Security. The amusing thing is, they take the pictures with one of those little webcams. You know the ones: small resolution, not great lighting. They consciensciously took pictures of each cat, usually three times, as they kept moving their heads just as the vet tech clicked the button. But the resolution is so crappy that Gus, Sylvia, and June could've all posed in each other's place. Ah, well.

And, I'd like to add, Andy got his. During his exam, he rolled over on his side and kicked me in the ribs. Back claws. Shirt doesn't tear, but the flesh underneath did. Ouch.

Reading: Agent to the Stars, by John Scalzi. The Final Solution, by Michael Chabon (his Sherlock Holmes novella). And now The Hallowed Hunt, by Lois McMaster Bujold.