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The Time Traveller Reports In

My thanks to everyone for their congratulations. For those of you curious, the picture was taken at my brother's wedding in June (I shamelessly lifted it from Flickr). I'm pretty sure the wedding photographer took it, which is why it looks so good.

51 day rejection from Flashquake. Not so good, but I also got the money from Lenox Avenue for "Matilda." Much better.

Very little to report otherwise, except that we enjoyed our anniversary in fine fashion. Dinner out at lovely restaurant, etc. A woman from work told me that the 13th anniversary is the best. Not sure if she was trying to pay me a compliment or imply it's all downhill from here.

Reading: Oh, many things. Apocalypses, by R. A. Lafferty, and Persepolis, by Marjane Satrapi (really good, by the way. Reminded me of MAUS, but set in the early days of the Iranian Revolution. Oh, and no talking animals). But currently it's Portuguese Irregular Verbs, by Alexander McCall Smith.