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The Mongering Of Fear And Fuel

Price of gas at my local station this morning: $2.79/gallon.

Price of gas at my local station this afternoon: $2.99/gallon.

Highest price of gas I've seen personally today: $3.29/gallon.

Highest price I've seen on the local news: $4.99/gallon.

The lines are unbelievably long, and not helped by a rumor that went around mid-afternoon claiming that "they said on the TV that at five o'clock they're going to close all the gas stations! For two days! Gas up now before we're forced to walk everywhere like chumps!" Really? Did Bush nationalize my local RaceTrac while I was at lunch today?

On the bright side, if the higher prices don't get those Ford Gargantuans off the road, nothing will.