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Pick Up Sticks

Ah, such a day. Three presentions before lunch this morning (two by software vendors, who are a thrilling lot) and the afternoon spent trying to put machines back together. In writing news, an 89 day rejection from The New Yorker on a poem (a long shot it was, but whatthehell), but I got the contracts from Lenox Avenue for "Matilda." Lovely, lovely.

I was also quite distressed to see that my gmail account has gotten its first piece of spam: a phishing PayPal email; much more distressed to realize that, based on where the phish site's set up, there's only one email address that's like the source. I don't much like the implications of it, but hopefully I'm wrong, so I'll not say anything more at this point.

I also have a book review up at Mumpsimus on Joe R. Lansdale's Dead in the West. I appear to be guilty of excessive colon (:) use. A stylistic twitch I need to watch.