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Attack of the fanfic: Disgruntled Harry Potter Fan Releases "Corrected" Version of Book. A quote:

"Rowling seems to think the relationships she's described in Half-Blood Prince were clearly telegraphed in previous books," sniffed Pembroke. "All I can say is, if that's what she thinks, she clearly doesn't understand Harry Potter like I do."
Pembroke's version involves a new romance for Harry with an exchange student from America whose physical description is remarkably close to the picture on her website. The new character, who rapidly rises to the top of her class, has a mysterious scar on her forehead similar to Harry's famous lightning bolt. She is also an "animagus" who can assume the form of a talking winged unicorn.
Funny because it's true.

Oh, and I'm sure this is quiz is broken. I mean, really:

What Kind of Novel Should I Write?

I mean, literature? Really? I find myself extremely doubtful of that. But I bet I'd look good in a black beret.