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Hollywood Has My Money

It's been hot, too hot to do much of anything. Seriously. I mowed the lawn and thought I'd given myself heatstroke, and I'm only saying that because halfway through I had to go into the garage and lie down on the cool, cool concrete for about ten minutes. Mmmm, concrete.

So, as a result, we've spent most of our time staying inside, spending quality time with the airconditioner and watching movies. Recently signed up with Blockbuster's Netflixesque service, which means they come to the door. Very handy, that. Last two were Bride and Prejudice and Hide and Seek.

Although we have ventured out a couple times. But again, just to the movies. A big dark air-conditioned room is just as good as a small dark air-conditioned room. An interesting contrast: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Wedding Crashers.

Reading: A little of that. Edgar Rice Burrough's Martian Tales Trilogy, which is really a new edition of the first three books of the "John Carter of Mars" series, rolled up into one volume. Delicious pulp.