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Happy Explosion Day

And in honor of it, Lisa and I went to IKEA. Yes, glorious IKEA. Quite the nuthouse, it was. Bought ourselves an EXPEDIT, and passed on the meatballs. Next time.

Then we went with Lisa's folks to see War of the Worlds. Very good, altho' there was one sequence where the refugees were proceeding towards not-too distant explosions, which made me think they'd all been stricken with amnesia, because when giant alien tripods are flattening civilzation, a sensible person runs away from explosions. They'd never get into the refugee union with that kind of behavior.

At any rate, we finished up the holiday by grilling out over her parents' place. Steak, potato salad, beans, garlic toast, brownies & lemon bars. Lovely.

It's drizzling outside. Despite this, I can still hear the boom-boom-boom of fireworks. Happy Fourth, Americans. Happy Monday, everyone else.

Reading: Elephantasm, by Tanith Lee.