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What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Well, it was a fun trip. For those not in the know, I, Lisa, and my parents went out to Los Angeles to see my brother Paul and Joy get married. Of course, if you're going to make that kind of trip, you might as well go early and look around some. Which we did. We're not fools.

Saturday we flew out, and upon our arrival in LA, rented some wheels. And just as we drove it out of the lot, we had to exchange it, as we noticed a light on the dash that shouldn't be there. After a brief negotiation with the rental agency, we promptly drove south to San Diego. Lisa had been there before, so she guided us to and fro as we played tourist there for a few days. Did lots of the usual things, such as drank margaritas in Old Town, visited the Wild Animal Park (the Zoo's breeding facility), rode the carousel at Seaport Village, and took a harbor tour. We also drove over Coronado Island, then down to Imperial Beach and walked in the surf for a bit. Well, except for Dad. Stubborn, he is. We also had our first earthquake, a 5.2, at breakfast. Felt like an extremely large truck had parked next to our table.

Tuesday we drove back up to LA, but we took the Pacific Coast Highway partway to stop in San Juan Capistrano to see the mission. Gorgeous. We cruised a little more up the PCH before the traffic became too annoying. Eventually we clawed our way onto the interstate and drove the rest of the way in. We stayed in the Magic Castle Hotel in Hollywood. A very cool hotel to stay at, and I'm not just saying that because they pass out free popsicles if you're sitting poolside. The tourist thing was a little limited, as we had new in-laws to meet and such, but we did do a few things. Wednesday we went and saw the La Brea Tar Pits, something my Dad had always wanted to see (and according to our Frommer's, so did Prince Charles). Then the 'rents went to have dinner with Joy's mom, and we met up with our buddy Abbie. In a moment of complete fanboydom, the three of us went and saw Batman Begins. Opening night. At Grauman's Chinese Theater (the actual theater, not the Grauman Six multiplex nearby). Great place to see a movie, and happily Batman was pretty decent as well.

Thursday we had our second earthquake after lunch, a mere 4.9. Felt like someone was trying to poke their way up through the seat of my chair. Afterwards was the wedding rehearsal, and then we drove out to Santa Monica. The rehersal dinner had eighteen of us in Buca di Beppo's papal room, eating with gusto. Friday we had lunch at Roscoe's House of Chicken 'n' Waffles, then off to the wedding. Took place at the Yamashiro Restaurant, and the air was so amazingly clear you could see all the way to Long Beach. The ceremony was lovely and went off with no major glitches. For example, I didn't forget the ring, drop the good reverend's notebook, or forget to pass over the flowers for the parents (yes, it's all about me). Afterwards there was much eating and drinking. Joy's brother taught Lisa how to use chopsticks. And the Goodyear blimp circled overhead for some inexplicable reason. And we got up at the crack of Saturday and flew home. All told, a success. Here's to many years of happiness for Joy and Paul.

Reading: Quite a bit, when sitting on a plane or unwinding in the hotel. Spin State, by Chris Moriarty. The Icarus Hunt, by Timothy Zahn. Eternity Row, by S. L. Viehl. And A Hat Full of Sky, by Terry Pratchett. Currently reading Wicked, by Gregory Maguire.

Update: Oh, yes, I forgot. Got a 57 day rejection from Flash Me, a short blurb request from Apex, and about a billion junk mails.