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How To Furnish That First Apartment Right Out Of College

FedExFurniture.com. Build furniture (couch, table, chairs, bed, desk) on the cheap using FedEx boxes. FedEx apparently provides these things for free, on request. Sounds like a corporate policy that might soon be revised.

Ingenious. Also very, very sad.

In some writerly news, I learned this weekend that issue 2 of Apex Digest, containing my flash story "Orders," is now out. Also, that my "The Wizard Gets A Haircut" will be out in the Fall issue of Abyss & Apex (October). Lovely, lovely.

Update: Stronger evidence that Apex is out; namely, I received my contributor's copy today (yay). Eagerly I opened it, only to discover that my story isn't listed in the TOC (boo! also, huh?). Finally I found it in the back, listed under "Parting Shots." Ok, so it's the last thing in there. Good strong placement. But the lack of complete TOC credit seems odd to me.

Reading: Back issues of Realms of Fantasy.