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The Only Good Spam

Got the check today from Apex for "Orders." Not big money, but not bad at all for a short-short. It's enough money to buy two tickets to see Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith...except that I never saw Attack of the Clones. Yes, I never saw Star Wars II. After Phantom Menace, can you blame me? I know, this is a bogus objection; I can still go see Sith and follow it just fine. It's not like, say, missing a couple episodes of Lost, with the character development and the tricky plot twists and the tantalizing wondering what the hell is going on. Well, maybe there's a fair amount of wondering (miticlorians? the hell?) but really, how complicated could a Star Wars movie be? Still, I won't go see III without seeing II first. This is my excuse, and I stand by it.

So instead I used the money to buy the soundtrack to Spamalot! Ha ha!

Reading: Who Murdered Chaucer? by Terry Jones and a number of other, more scholarly medieval scholars. My money's on William Langland, in a classic literary feud.