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The New Is Now Old

A weekend of nothing much to report for me. There are, of course, developments in Real Lifeā„¢. Lisa has left her old job at the Last Dotcom for another: she's now going to be working for A Small Company Recently Acquired By A Wholly Owned Subsidiary Of A Little-Known And Slightly Mysterious Much Larger Company (in the future I'll be referring to them as ASCRABAWOSOALKASMMLC, since the internet has taught us that acronyms are so much more convenient). But she doesn't start there just yet. No, she's cleverly negotiated a start date of just after Memorial Day Weekend, so she's currently at home, enjoying a long vacation. Clever girl.

Reading: Super Flat Times, by Matthew Derby. Interesting in a confusing sort of way. I'm reasonably certain now that, while I do, in fact, like really weird stories that are very hard to follow, I'd just like them to come to some sort of conclusion, as opposed to just ending in that slice-of-life, is this the whole thing or am I missing a couple pages? kind of way. Sadly, this book is filled with many examples of the latter rather than the former. Ah well. Cool imagery, tho'.