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He Says They've Already Got One

Greg's been writing flash fiction roughly every day, simply as a writing warmup. If you're not reading his little exercises, you are a foolish, foolish person and no one can help you. Words so far to date are "vortex," "recidivism," "oasis," and "moonlight," with more to follow.

Seven day rejection from GvG at F&SF. Among the usual "didn't grab," he also says he's already got a Zeus story in his inventory. Curse you, Jaye Lawrence, for getting there first!

Oh, and this got some mention at work today: the Landmark Citation Machine. When fed the particulars (title, author, type of work, etc.), it'll produce a correctly formatted citation. APA or MLA style. Normally this might produce a "back in my day..." Grumpy Old Man response, but not this time. Stupid citation formats always were a nuisance, back when I had to worry about them.

Reading: Just finished Strange Eons, by Robert Bloch, which I had bought for a quarter at the library booksort. Am now going to have a look at Men and Cartoons: Stories, by Jonathan Lethem.