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Feeling Writerly

There's three times when I feel most like a writer. Curiously, none of them are when I'm actually, y'know, putting words on paper, be it real or virtual. No, those points are:

1) When I have completed a first draft of something and have not yet started to go over it to check for suckage.
2) When I have everything deemed fit for market, out to market.
3) When I something I sold first comes out in print.

Currently I'm in state #2, having gotten everything back out there (plus a short-short I'd forgotten I'd spruced up and had all ready to go. Think I was waiting on the right market for that one).

Also, as regards to writerly appearances: I will not, sadly, be attending WisCon or either of Toby's Writing Jams. The first because I'm going to Illinois to see my sister-in-law do the graduation thing, the second because I'm going to Los Angeles to see my brother get married. Also, I'm the best man, so there might be some trouble if I didn't show up. For one thing, my mom would hurt me.

It's also not that these events all conflict on the calendar, but there are costs involved. Plane fare, hotels, and so forth (I'm not made of money, people!).

Haven't made up my mind about World Fantasy this year in the wilds of Wisconsin. I'd like to go. Had a blast last year. The only place in Wisconsin I've ever been before is Oshkosh, which to be honest, didn't do a lot for me.

Possibly I could be induced by hearing about other people who will be there. I can be enticed, after all.

Reading: I have now finished all those books I borrowed from other libraries. Now I can sleep at night.