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Considered Good

16 day personal rejection from Ideomancer. Apparently I made the first readers giggle, but they still didn't bite. Back out it goes.

Went to meet the in-laws for breakfast over in Sandy Springs, and found ourselves caught by a parade two blocks from the cafe. Not sure what the parade was about; but the people walking in it were all carrying big bunches of green balloons.

Might've been a Yay Spring! parade. Might've been a Yay Balloons! parade. So hard to say.

But soon they let us go, and we met Lisa's folks. Breakfast was fine. My father-in-law is apparently flying to Korea tomorrow for a three-hour meeting. Have I mentioned I'm how glad I am that I don't work for Corporate America? No? Consider it mentioned.

I spent the rest of the day doing house stuff, and consider it a good day.

Reading: Eric Idle's The Greedy Bastard Diary, the travel diary of his recent North American tour.