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The Quick Dead

Emailed two poems to Star*line when I got home from work. All part of my intent to get things back out there, make 'em earn their keep and all that.

Went to dinner with Lisa, then swung by Belk's (Lisa needs a new purse) and the music place, where her guitars were being restrung.

Came home, opened up email to see a reply. Passed on one, bought the other. So, "Eleven Answers to Smart-Alec Tourists in Zombietown" will appear in their "Death, Destruction & Exploitation" issue. That's September/October, the traditional time of year for such activities.

I guess it does pay to keep stuff out there. And frankly, it's not all that often the universe gives you such clear, immediate reinforcement. Was there a recent change in management that hadn't been publicized?