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Still A No

244 day email response from Tales of the Unanticipated. Very apologetic, seems that several subs had been misfiled resulting in unexpected delays, etc. A very nice rejection letter and I am most appreciative, but it is still a no. Which is all I expect, after all: yes or no.

Reading..of the Future!: A little different this time, as it's what's on my pile to be read next. What's so special about these books? Well, I saw them mentioned in passing on folks' journals, and thought they looked interesting enough to get hold of. So I did, using my librarily powers. And they all showed up, uh, today. So I'm going to have to prioritize 'em by due date.

  1. Outside the Dog Museum, by Jonathan Carroll. Advocated by Tim in his recent interview at Lenox Avenue. Due back April 13th.

  2. Hanging Out with the Dream King: Conversations with Neil Gaiman and his Collaborators, by Joseph McCabe. Jason mentioned this after his thesis defense and made it sound interesting. Due back April 19th.

  3. Science Fiction in the Real World, by Norman Spinrad. Actually, no one particularly mentioned this title. But Norman's been under discussion at both Matt's & David's journals, and from the discussions there I found a reference to his essay, "Emperor of Everything." A little library research revealed I could find it here, and there you go. Due April 20th.

  4. Which Lie Did I Tell?, by William Goldman. Bit of cheat on my part, as I was the one who mentioned it. But only because Jenn mentioned she was reading his previous book. Due back April 23rd.
So, good thing I came back today, I guess.