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At Last, A Place To Use That Head In A Jar

71 day blue form from Realms and withdrew a story from a minor online market, where it has languished for well over a year. Hm. Got a few stories that I need to decide new fates for. Something to think about over the weekend, I s'pose. Plus, of course, write something new.

I have started a story for John Scalzi's SF clichés issue of the new magazine Subterranean*, with the simple tactic of packing in as many clichés as possible. just to see what happens. Interestingly enuf, it appears to be writing itself. I seem to be approaching some sort of Golden Age critical mass, what with these old clichés bouncing off each other. Whether it'll be worth reading is another problem, but I've several months to figure that out. Besides, I'm having fun.

* - A new pro market! Wonder if it'll ever open up to general submissions, or stay invite only? I also wonder if this is a new trend on the part of publishers, starting a magazine to provide advertising for their books. Wildside did that, after all, with H. P. Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror and many others. Now if we can only get other book publishers to do that, short fiction might be saved**.

** - And while I'm asking, I'd also like a pony. Preferably a unicorn.