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Viscera, Interpreted

I've brought some of my older entries for this year into the system, just to see how well importing works. Answer: pretty well, if everything is formatted properly.

Well, that's the case for pretty much everything, isn't it? Lost the dates on about half of them, and the other half were formatted incorrectly. Agh. This could take a while.

Mail brought me a 13 day rejection from F&SF; I was actually in danger of getting my hopes up on this one, but I managed to ruthlessly suppress them by saying to myself from time to time, "I'll come home today and the rejection letter will be in the mail." Been saying it all week. Today it was true.

Now, it was the nicest rejection letter I've ever gotten from F&SF. 'Twas signed by the man himself. He said he liked the closing line. Not the non-specific "didn't grab," which often suggests a flabby story, but specific reasons why. In this case, tone (thought not quite right for high fantasy) and plot (didn't quite work for him). Hey, I'll take my encouragement where I can get it.

Reading: Blowing My Cover: My Life As A CIA Spy, And Other Misadventures, by Lindsay Moran. Among the shocking revelations within, it seems real-life spying isn't as interesting as Alias makes it seem. I'm stunned.