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Ten Things I've Done Which You Probably Haven't

Who am I to resist a good meme?

1) Laid delirious in a hotel bed in Amsterdam for two days.

2) Rolled a pickup truck, ending up in a ditch with its cab almost completely crushed in. Then crawled out with only a scratch on my elbow.

3) Received an email from Pat Cadigan, complimenting me on a story I wrote.

4) Picked up a shell casing in Times Square while there watching Macy's New York City Thanksgiving Day parade. A .32, I think it was.

5) Burned a book. Literally.

6) Applied for a job with Harvard for the hell of it, then actually got called to fly out for an interview.

7) Was the sole reader on 1,440 short reaction papers from students simply to keep grading consistent, and catch anyone "sharing" their work (it worked, too.)

8) Poked several holes in my bedroom wall with a pocket knife, just because I liked the sound it made the first time I did it.

9) Ground down a large tree stump by hand. Not literally; I mean, I did it with an axe and a sledgehammer, not a motorized grinder.

10) Chopped a pumpkin in two with a broadsword. Research. Yes, that's it. Research.

Reading: Waking the Moon, by Elizabeth Hand.