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Had to change a flat (flat, flat, flat) tire first thing this morning, as I discovered I'd run over a screw on the way home yesterday. Proves the old adage that everything old is new again. Swell. At least they were able to patch it this time.

Here, some historical trivia.

The following strange announcement appears in the Morning Post :-- "Matrimony.--A young nobleman, with large expectations, and at present with a moderate income, wishes, through the present medium of an advertisement, to meet with a lady of fortune, who would be elevated to a high rank, and also meet with a young and kind partner for life. Letters addressed, pre-paid, to Coronet, 42, Upper Berkeley-street, Connaught-square, will meet with immediate attention."

From "Latest Intelligence". The Anglo American, a Journal of Literature, News, Politics, the Drama, Fine Arts, etc., 11 May 1843, 3(3): 65.

As near as I can tell, it appears to be a sighting of one of the very first personal ads, and was unusual enough to be mentioned in the equivalent of the AP Wire. And I like the language: from that to "SM seeks SF" in a century and a half. That's evolution.

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