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Never Too Late To Not Offend

This just in: the FCC has ruled that the now-canceled Angel was not "patently offensive." Hmm. If it had been, do you think they might not have canceled it? Well, at least the reruns are safe from these nitwits. And another thing: don't they realize that, if they're offended by adult themes on TV, it isn't such a smart thing to post the naughty bits up on their website where people have a second chance to see them & be offended?

My evening entertainment? Oh, quite wholesome. Lisa and I went out to dinner, then saw a play. A medieval farce about the manufacturing of fake saints. Best line: "We could sell him off for parts!" I think it did offend some folks in the audience. The people sitting in front of us got up at intermission and didn't come back. And I am grateful for that, since one of them was obviously a star volleyball player.