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Knock, Knock

Very rarely do I open my front door. In fact, the only time (usually) is when someone rings the doorbell. Unsurprisingly, most people who do that are trying to sell me something: magazines, girl scout cookies, cheese in stoneware crocks, bottled brains. Or they want something: Halloween candy, charitable donations, human contact. Whatever. At any rate, last night as I was getting ready to close up for the night, I flipped on the outside light and peeked out the door. To my surprise, sitting there was a box from Amazon. I brought it in and cracked it open. Turns out Jenn Reese sent me Marvels and Kingdom Come, apparently for no reason other than I mentioned on her website that I hadn't read them.

Thank you, Jenn. That was astonishingly cool of you. Oh, and I'm going to be very sure to mention titles of other books I've never read before to you. All the time. So be ready.

Reading: What do you think? Have you not been paying attention? Oh, never mind.