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iawap:) = "I am well at present" (from McSweeney's E-mail shorthand that Civil War soldiers would likely have used in letters home, had the technology been available to them, via Making Light). This will remain the case, although my journal may disappear for a bit. Nothing to fear: I've finally decided to update from handcrafting my HTML to the snazzier automated version of Moveable Type. Cue the opening theme to the educational film "March of Progress."

I've accomplished steps one and two in this task: upgrade the webhosting account to support the system requirements, and recruit a (relatively) local subject matter expert to pester if and when I screw this up.

Until then, I do have one piece of writing news: got an email from an editor about a trio of poems. She passed on two, but would like to hold onto the third for further (read: other) editorial review.

Behold, the comments of old, now frozen in time.