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Ah, What An Age

I've been thoroughly sick, thanks to the cold that crept up behind me Friday and sucker punched me. Damn thing took my weekend and everything. About the only good thing to come from this has been Lisa finding and providing me with AfrinĀ®, a decongestant nasal spray that: a) actually works for 12 hours b) without knocking me unconscious. True, the first hour I spent tasting it trickle down the back of my throat, but as far as side effects go, I can live with that.

Since I've been uninclined to move around much, I've spent the immobile time cleaning up old entries that didn't convert quite as well as hoped. My apologies to anyone who decided to hook this thing up to a RSS reader and got hit with my doings from way back when.

Reading: Have also been reading some. Specifically, the first James Triptree Award Anthology; Michael Bishop's Philip K. Dick is Dead, Alas, and Holder of Lightning by S. L. Farrell, the first book of Cloudmages, his Celtic BFF trilogy. I was particularly impressed by Holder (Steve, you're very mean to your characters) and am going to make a point of getting the second book as soon as I feel up to leaving the house.