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Time To Call It

Has there been any consensus on what to call this decade? You'd think a team of marketing geeks would've already managed to engrave it into our frontal lobes, but no, seems not. Capitalism is asleep at the switch here, so it's our best chance to do it ourselves. Last century it was the Noughts, as in "Nought-five." Lisa suggested the Zips, and I agree. The Zips. As in, "zero, zilch, zip." Perfect. Now that this term is out on the Interweb, I expect it to be circulated wide and far by next week. Hop to it, little moondoggies.

The new question of the semester, to be added to the classics of "Where's printer A?", "Can I type on these computers?", and "Fine, then can I borrow a pencil?", seems to be "How can I get my laptop to connect to the wireless network?" Time, she do march on.

Reading: A plethora o'books. Faithful: Two Diehard Boston Red Sox Fans Chronicle the Historic 2004 Season, by Stewart O'Nan and Stephen King. Recommended if you're a fan of King, O'Nan, the Red Sox, baseball (except Yankee fans), or hopeless causes. Also, Graphic Classics: H. P. Lovecraft. Like Classics Illustrated, only instead of Moby Dick or Huckleberry Finn, it's got eldritch nightmare gods. And now C. L. Moore's Judgement Night: Stories.