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Stories Of Cities Of Ivory And Gold

Exchanged emails today with one of the associate editors of Abyss & Apex. If all goes well, the January/February ish should go live with my story "Erin and the Dinosaurs" sometime in the next couple of days. Whoo!

We bought a blender this past weekend, and since then have been enjoying the manufacture and drinking of smoothies. A cheap & delicious thrill. Tonight: chocolate banana! Sweet!

And I worked late at the library tonight. Not my usual night, but one of my coworkers wanted to switch. And as result, I was on hand when the art gallery on the bottom floor had the opening of their new exhibit. It was catered, providing all sorts of deliciousness to anyone who came by, including reference librarians whose dinners were back in the past by that point. Mmm, cater.

Reading: Back on the Pratchett, which is like wonderfully soothing crack to me in these cold wintery months. The Colour of Magic and the immediate sequel The Light Fantastic. God help me if I run out anytime soon.