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The kiddies come back tomorrow. But it's a Friday, so I can still wear jeans. All good.

So I find myself looking for interesting new music to play on the 'pod. Not that I particularly want to become an indie rock fan (or even fake being an indie rock fan), but I do want more variety. More, I tells ya! Now, I've stumbled into some interesting bands from other people's websites, like the Black Keys, the Speeds, Jonathon Coulton, Yo La Tengo, and (thanks to Tim) Rilo Kiley, and it's amazing what you'll come across if you just keep poking around on the interwebthing. But still. It shouldn't be this hard to find something new.

Damn you, commercial radio! Damn you! (shakes fist at sky where radio waves dwell, when not relaxing in their palace on the moon)