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Good Times

A 9 day rejection from F&SF, signed by His GVGness (second time in a row). Made personal comments and still managed to squeeze in an alas. I'm so happy.

Lisa came home early today, poor lass, complaining of a sore throat and exhaustion extreme. She mentioned the plague's been going around her office. To which I say, o joy.

And look! Hieronymus Bosch action figures! Recreate his surrealistic visions in the privacy of your own home.

Reading: A friend of mine from work (Hi Cheryl!) loaned me her copy of Christopher Priest's The Prestige. I'm not overly familar with his work, although I have read some stuff - the extremely trippy The Inverted World. And while I do have a pile of other books to read, it seems only polite to me to put books I've borrowed on top of it.