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It appears that (according to our crack diagnosis) Lisa's got strep throat. Symptoms match up nicely. So it's another day of bed rest and cold juices for her, at least until we can get her some delicious antibiotics.

Been digging through a couple notebooks I carry, looking for stories I've started, usually while sitting at the reference desk waiting for a question. Found quite a few, as well as a couple short-shorts. And here I thought I hadn't written that much lately.

The notebooks are just about full, which means it's time for a new one. A friend of mine gave me one for my birthday that I rather like. Five hundred pages of legal sized paper in hardback form. It's chief flaw is that the thing is gigantic. Weighs five pounds minimum, so it's not terribly portable. Altho' it would be excellent for self-defense. Hmm. Wonder if there's such a thing as accountant kung fu?

Things are thawing nicely out there. Which is good, because we need more juice. And straws.