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And Welcome To Day One

Hmm. So far, this year looks a lot like last year. But it's still early. I'll wait.

Burned off most of our gift cards today, as we enjoyed a frenzy of shopportunities. Mostly DVDs, I must confess, but I did get a couple books: Everyone in Silico, by Jim Munroe and The Last Hero, by Terry Pratchett. There's something mildly satisfying about walking out of a store with a bag of stuff that didn't cost you a dime without having to worry about store security coming after you.

Oh, if you're in need of a new calendar and haven't gotten around to getting one yet, let me suggest the Website at the End of the Universe's Free Science Fiction Calendar for 2005. PDF file, and you'll need a color printer to get the most out of it, but still.

Reading: the amusing Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation, by Lynne Truss. Very British, very amusing (er, if you like that sort of thing).