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It's That Time Of Year

"Which of these computers has MS Word/Works/WordPerfect? I need to write my paper." All day long, all I'm hearing. Gah. Get away, you weasels! One more day of classes, then finals week and then all those pesky students will be gone gone gone!

Delicious Monster has figured out how I managed to crash Delicious Library, and even better, how to fix it. They're so smart. Me, I just cause trouble.

Oh, and are you people watching Lost? Since Buffy and Angel went off the air, it's my must-see weird SF TV. If you've been so foolish as to not have been tuning in, they're showing the pilot again next Wednesday. ABC, Dec. 15th, 8pm (7pm central), so now's your chance. Watch it, I'm not kidding.

Currently Reading: The Texas-Israeli War: 1999, by Howard Waldrop and Jake Saunders. Basic plot: President kidnapped by Texans seccessionists, rescued by Israeli mercenaries. Very early Waldrop. Very. Early. Extremely. Hoo.