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Had Ourselves A Merry Little Christmas

Got lots of goodies, including: a gas grill from my in-laws, the Return of the King Extended DVD set (which we watched yesterday as part of an 11 hour Tolkien marathon), and the U2 edition iPod. Coulda knocked me over with a feather. And I think Paul has a picture of that moment, actually. Also clothes, action figures, books, and a fistful of Barnes and Noble gift cards.

I don't think I was this good. Oh, sure, I'm good, y'know, just not... good.

'Twas a wonderful holiday, but I'd say it's about over. Lisa goes back to work tomorrow, and the cats are starting to climb the tree. More and more ornaments from higher and higher up are on the floor when we get up each morning. Time to take the tree down before we find them scaling to the top, trying to get at the star.