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Careless Santa

Was walking out to get the paper this morning when I noticed Lisa, instead of driving on to work, had stopped in the visitor's parking across the street and started walking back to the house. Turned out there was a Christmas present lying in the middle of the street. No tag, but nicely wrapped. Fancy paper, etc. I have since put up a sign offering the classic "prove it's yours" challenge and my cell phone number. Hopefully someone will call. Not much sadder than losing a present you were planning on giving someone.

Last day of finals today. Library closes early. Whee!

Reading: In a fit of retroness, I've gotten hold of the first three books of Julian May's Saga of Pliocene Exile, a quadrology(?) I loved as a lad. If you've never read them, see if you can find 'em: it's epic fantasy rendered in science fiction. Time travel set up, plus aliens, psionics, and a host of other space opera goodies. Having finished the first book, The Many-Colored Land, I'm now hoping I'll find the last book before, well, I need it.