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Whee, Whoo

I've been indulging my inner library geek at home, after a mention from Jed about Delicious Library. My original book database corrupted irretrievably a few years ago and I hadn't bothered to start over. But with the development of something that can autofill from ISBNs, that cuts the time involved considerably. And so I've been merrily updating. Whee!

Sweetie, you're very patient with me. Thank you.

In writing news, I found out that my poem "Fall of the Enchanter" will be appearing in the December ish of Weird Tales. To which I say: Whoo!

Currently Reading When Not Updating My Library: Karen Joy Fowler's The Jane Austen Book Club, which I'm enjoying, altho' I've not actually read any Jane Austen (and me a former English major). I have seen a number of the movies, however, so at least I know who they're talking about in the parts where they're, y'know, actually discussing the books.