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Ah, time flies when you're updating your database. Look up and it's been almost a week since you updated any place else. Like, say, here. Whoops. Got a couple of friendly rejections: a three week from Strange Horizons (Hi, Jed!) and a two month one from Daikaiju. Got the contracts from Abyss & Apex and mailed 'em back. Er, that's about it.

As you may have guessed, I'm still delightfully distracted by Delicious Library (as of this moment, 1200 books and counting). However, I've discovered I've got an awful lot of old paperbacks, which means I've got a lot of brown paper bag wrappers on my electronic books. For aesthetic reasons, this is annoying. The only way to correct this either spend some time on the scanner, or more than a little time using Google's image search, looking for folks who've thoughtfully done the scanning for you. I find I've spent more than a little time in places like Fantastic Fiction and Trash Collector and ACE Image Library, just trolling through, trying to fill in gaps. Oh, if only all authors could be like George R. R. Martin, who has cover scans for every single book of his, in every single edition.