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And Now He Shamelessly Namedrops

Well, I'm back from the suburban desert. I cleverly took today off because I'd figured I'd need a day to recover. How right I was, even if the only thing I've really done today is go watch a matinee showing of Hero. Ooh, wire fighting pretty. But how was World Fantasy, you ask? Short version: it was swell.

All right, that might be a little too short.

The longer version is that I finally met a whole bunch of people I've known online for years, but had never met in meatspace before. I picked up gossip and wisdom and a great big bag of books, less than half of which I had to pay for and most of which I'll probably keep. I learned where a damn good breakfast place in Tempe is. I can now hear the appropriate voices in my head when I read certain journals on my journal listing. I learned that Gordon Van Gelder knows where I live. I met Tim's editor at Bantam, the lovely Juliet Ulman, who remembered that I sat next to her on the shuttle from the airport even tho' I didn't say a word. I met Ted Chiang and got him to sign his collection without embarrassing myself. I think. Ellen Datlow flipped my name tag around to find out who I was. Teresa Nielsen Hayden told me I looked very familiar. And on the shuttle out to the airport, I got to thank Joe Haldeman for complimenting Tales of the Plush Cthulhu a while back.

I met all sorts of people, all of whom I am happy to say are smart and fun and cool and nice to hang out with. I'd especially like to thank Greg and Dr. Lisa for acting as sherpa guides, and Jenn and David and Lisa M for hanging out with me the whole con. You people rule.

Now vote, monkeys, vote!

Reading: On the plane ride over, it was Terry Pratchett's The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents. On the plane ride back, it was All-Star Zeppelin Adventure Stories, edited by David Moles & Jay Lake. Kickin'.