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It's Mystically Delicious

So this evening I'm out filling up Lisa's car with precious precious gasohol, when I notice a large van parked at another pump. I'm staring at it idly, when I realize it's an ice cream van. Not a Good Humor van, tho'. It's a Popsicle van. On the side of it is a large fullcolor poster illustrating their frozen confections. In addition to the usual suspects (ice cream sandwiches and fudgsicles), they've also got a number of popsicles that resemble cartoon characters. One of them, however, is a bit odd looking. The Yu-Gi-Oh™ Ice Pop, which closely resembles some sort of Illuminati taste treat. Here, read the ad copy:

"Absorb Yu-Gi's mystical powers with these cherry and blue raspberry flavored ice pops. Be prepared for the monstrosity of taste!"
It seems your passport to the Shadow Realm will be a blue tongue.

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