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I Ask Myself That Every Day

Having seen Tim Burton's love letter to Ed Wood again recently, I'm amused by the synchronicity of this: Long-lost final Ed Wood film found. It's a porn film, but it does sound interesting in that MST3K-what-the-hell? way. Interesting quote at the end:

He says "Necromania" displays Wood's wit and style and he points to a scene where the main character Danny is struggling to untangle a pair of red pajama bottoms to put them on.

"The guy's fumbling for about 15 seconds and he's starting to laugh -- the actor, he can't get the pajama bottoms on and he's laughing," Grey says. "He could have cut that out but Ed Wood left that in intentionally. He was having some fun."

More a display of style than wit, according to Burton.
WOOD: And cut! Print. We're moving on. That was perfect.
REYNOLDS: Perfect? Mr. Wood, do you know anything about the art of film production?
WOOD: Well, I like to think so.
REYNOLDS: That cardboard headstone tipped over. This graveyard is obviously phony.
WOOD: Nobody will ever notice that. Filmmaking is not about the tiny details. It's about the big picture.
REYNOLDS: The big picture?
WOOD: Yes.
REYNOLDS: Then how 'bout when the policemen arrived in daylight, but now it's suddenly night?

WOOD: What do you know? Haven't you heard of suspension of disbelief?
Reading: Bones of the Moon, by Jonathan Carroll.