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Truer Words, Etc.

The debates are tonight. Will I watch them? Doubtful, but that would be mainly because I'm working late tonight. We don't allow TVs in the library, darn the luck.

No current writing news, except to report I'm presently engaged in reckless worldbuilding. It's like creating a D&D campaign, except no one will show up later with dice and little metal miniatures. Instead it'll be a setting for the Big Fat Fantasy™ (or Small Thin Fantasies™; whichever), which seem to require a lot of the same things. Maps, religions, calendars, place descriptions, governments, histories, and even languages. Yes, languages. Only a few hundred words, mostly nouns and adjectives suitable for naming people, places, and things. But I do have some verbs and very loose grammar in place. Here, a sample sentence of the Old Empire: "Notlijsa umjo nilijaitku," which translates roughly as, "I think I am insane."

Currently Reading: The Year 1000: What Life was like at the Turn of the First Millennium.