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There's A'Doin's A'Transpiring

Things are quiet at the moment, which doesn't make for interesting posts. I did receive some exciting news Friday, which I can't share with you at this time. Why? Well, it's not my news to share, there's at least one important formality to be taken care of, and besides, I am a dreadful tease. Don't worry, I'll tell all later.

Yesterday was spent in hanging out with friends (Hi Chandra! Hi Jason!) and family. The latter includes my grandmother, who has fled the approach of Ivan the Terrible. Fled is actually an overstatement. She was coming to visit my parents next week anyway, but its category fiveness just pushed things up a bit.

Today was spent in a little yardwork and otherwise hanging about. Laundry and grocery shopping remain on the table as future events. More updates as warranted. Remain calm at all costs.

What am I reading? Sylvia Townsend Warner's Kingdoms of Elfin.