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Today marks twelve years of wedded bliss with Lisa. Whoo! Where does the time go?

Some ups and down for the weekend, otherwise. Lisa's mom did not have to go into the hospital, I'm happy to report. With luck she'll be taking some time off before going back to work. In other good news, I received a royalty check for my story "Eater." Seems Such A Pretty Face paid out the advance, so there'll be a little more money coming from it. Please take the phrase "a little" as quite literal. Still. Also got a 110 day rejection from ASIM for a story they held but couldn't place. Bah.

Reading: Enjoyed The Etched City quite a bit, altho' it wasn't quite what I expected. Then, in a fit of morbid curiosity, I got hold of a copy of Eragon by wunderkind Christopher Paolini through interlibrary loan. I'll say this, it's much better than what I could've done at age 15, but that's not much of a recommendation. Hopefully he'll get better.