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Responses, Quick And Not So

Well, that was quick. Someone's claimed the WFC membership, people. So the rest of you are too too late. Unless, I suppose, the check bounces. I doubt that'll happen, but I guess it'd qualify as a remote possibility.

Also got a 51 day rejection on a poem to Strange Horizons. They apologize for the delay (which, while pretty good for a lot of markets, is a bit long for them); they say they're having problems with their ISP. Not good for an Internet magazine. Hope that gets taken care of.

Currently Reading: Move Under Ground, the Lovecraft Beat novel by Nick Mamatas. Haven't spotted my favorite Lovecraftian adjective yet (squamous), but I'm only on page 36. Otherwise enjoying it, despite the cats' intense interest in the ribbon bookmark attached to the spine. Bit distracting, that.