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No Limits

Got a five day short personal from Lenox Avenue. Such a speedy response. Surely they realize this will only encourage me to send them another?

First day back. Campus felt like it had sucked back a gallon of espresso, what with all that youthful energy buzzing about the place. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy it, but it's a bit tiring after a while.

In other news, next Monday Lisa is headed out to San Francisco for a week. It's for work, however. And she'll be doing what? Why, she'll be spending her time talking to Bay Area car dealers. Yes, that's right. Car dealers. What fun for her! Hey, why are you laughing?

Oh, and thanks to the kindness of Mr. Van Eekhout, I now have a gmail account. Send your messages to limiting.factor (an Iain M. Banks reference) at gmail.com.

Currently Reading: The American Writer, by Jack Cady.